Wonderful hosts Edgardo & Ruth show us Santiago, Chile.

(Left)  On San Cristóbal Hill overlooking Santiago, Edgardo's lovely wife Ruth wonders if Mitch will try to stop her if she pushes her husband over the ledge.  Mitch's lovely wife, Jill, has already gone over and is hanging from a tree root.
(Right)  Edgardo shows off his masculine physique while Mitch attempts to suck in his cruise gut.

With only a marginal knowledge of world history, Mitch is hoping that his Argentina shirt isn't offensive to Chileans.

(Left)  At the top of San Cristóbal Hill in the Parque Metropolitano in Santiago, Edgardo, Ruth, and Jill stand at the base of the huge statue of Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción (the Virgin Mary), which can be seen throughout most of the city.
(Right)  Although the visit was too short, Mitch & Jill enjoyed this opportunity to practice their Spanish, while Edgardo wanted to brush up on his English.  He said he hadn't practiced since the FBI Academy, but you wouldn't know it -- he did a great job.

Left to right -- Ruth, Edgardo, Mitch, & Jill