Rob Goodfellow Visits Brett Guerin Down Under


Brett Guerin wrote the following in an email I received on November 15, 2006:

Hi, Mitch.

Rob Goodfellow (Ontario Provincial Police) and his lovely wife, Cathy, paid my family and me a visit for a few days this week after Rob's one month exchange with the South Australia Police.  Rob and Cathy are now in Sydney for a few days before heading further north to Queensland from where they will return to the Great White North at the end of November.

It was great to have a 213th alumni stay with my family - lots of Australian beer and fine wine enhanced the many stories from our wonderful time at Quantico.

We hoped these pictures might be uploaded onto the 213th homepage.  The Koala was a big mean bastard and we had a hell of a time getting it to stay still enough for this dangerous photo opportunity (lol)...

Brett Guerin

Melbourne, Australia