Most of us probably received this same email, but just in case you didn't, here's the contents of an email sent by Mark Willingham, president of the FBI National Academy Associates in Jacksonville, Florida on July 20, 2005:

Dear Fellow Mambers,

I recently sent a letter to our FBI NAA members in England expressing condolences over the loss of life in their country from the subway bombings and expressing solidarity with their law enforcement mission to combat terrorism.  I have received a number of replies from those members and I wanted to share one of the letters with you.

Take care.  Mark.


Dear Mark, today I received your very kind and touching letter of support.  I have also received many emails from friends I made whilst attending the FBI Academy.  I am truly overwhelmed by the strength and loyalty shown by fellow FBI NAA members, which underlines for me how special this organisation is and how privileged I am to be part of it.  Once again, many thanks for being in touch, it means alot to me.


DSU Morgan


New Scotland Yard




NOTE:  For those of us in the 213th, I spoke with our own Brit Brother, Dick Barton, on the phone this week.  He was out of town when the bombings occurred.  He and his family are fine.

I expressed how impressed we were here in the states with how quickly they had rounded up their suspects.  With typically classic Dick Barton modesty, he replied that it was no big deal since they were on an "island" and there was really nowhere for the suspects to go.  True, maybe, but I'm still impressed!